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Lisa is your perfect high-end voiceover talent with 30+ years of voice experience, providing professional-quality recordings, located in RI

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Bergman’s Dental Clinic
Nutcracker Commercial Sample
Mother Gooses Nannies & Sitters
Working remotely in a home studio, allows Lisa to work anywhere in the world. We love that! She works with Logic Pro X for recording, Focusrite for an interface, and records using an MXL 990 or Stellar X2 microphone.
So why hire Lisa? Her voiceover talent’s are very versatile and memorable. She can provide happy, sad, sultry, emotional, tired, caring, upbeat, serious, corporate, casual, conversational, a storyteller, tutorials, phone messages; whatever you need. The only voiceover work she does not do is adult content. Lisa is professional. She is a “get the job done” kinda voice talent that is easy to work.

Click to review Rate Guide that explains everything you need to know about how to best utilize a voiceover talent.

Once on the rate guide page, scroll down to Voiceover Categories and select the category your project falls under.

Scheduling a free consultation to discuss your project is recommended. All consultations are free.


Understanding Your Project Needs

Reviewing the Rate Guide will help you determine your needs when utilizing a voiceover talent. It is recommended to schedule a free consultation with Lisa to discuss your project.

Vocal Sessions

Vocal sessions are the starting point to a voiceover commercial for a tv or radio spot, narration, or whatever the project requires. Lisa will provide quick samples before fully diving into the project.

Figuring Out Usage

It is important for Lisa to know how her voice will be used and for how long. She does not do buyouts however renewals are certainly available. It depends on the project and the Rate Guide does a great job of explaining usage.

Confirmation of Project

Once all requirements of your project have been presented, you have had a consultation with Lisa, an agreement has been reached and a contract has been signed, the fun begins!


Professional Vocalist

1981 – 2018

Lisa has performed as a professional lead vocalist in the music industry for 30+ years opening for musical artists Foghat, Y & T, The Spinners, Joan Jett, Duke Robillard, Steven Tyler, Foreigner and singing with greats like James Montgomery, Joey Mulland of Bad Finger, and many more. With this type of experience, not only did I gain knowledge of how to best utilize my vocals, she recorded, created, and acted.

Related Experience

Recording/Production 1998 to Present

Lisa has worked in recording studio’s as a vocalist and as a producer for more than 30+ years. Having a home studio helps her to work and produce voiceover projects with ease.

Voiceover Experience

2018 – Present

Lisa has been writing and recording voiceover samples to build her portfolio. She is very good at what she does. Why is Lisa doing voiceover work? Plain and simple; during COVID-19 the music scene was more difficult than ever and she still wanted to perform and use her voice. With her recording experience and performance acting, voiceover work is where she needs to be….with MM Website Design & Marketing.

Other Experience

2005 – Present – small business web development, online marketing, video production, professional performer, recording artist, producer & music track writer

2000 – Present – Event planner

2018 – Present – Owner/Program Coordinator of an outdoor yoga studio

2018 – Present – Board member / Conimicut Village Association

2018 – Present – VP – CVA Business Outreach

2015 – 2019 – Worked for an organization that provided websites and online marketing tools for their clients

Perfect combination.

Lisa’s voice.Your project.

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