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High-End Voiceover Service


  • Website packages include consultation, design, hosting, edits, online payment set up, monthly newsletter design.
  • Already have a website and want assistance with updates, edits, and more? We can help you out with that too.
Cost Break Down for a new website (payment options available on most services)
  • $400 retention of services
  • $800 balance due upon launch of the website or on a payment plan
  • $25 monthly site maintenance fee once the site is launched ($300 annual) annually or on a payment plan.
  • Domain purchases range from $19 and up, paid annually – no payment plan available for domain purchases
  • Free Website hosting with a domain name purchase
  • Plugin costs may occur to ensure the site runs properly
  • Several Website Templates to choose from
  • Website initial setup includes 5 main menu pages. $25 for each additional page.
  • Newsletter – $25 monthly fee for newsletter design and monthly send
  • Brochures – $250 for a 50 count
  • Logo Design – $150 – a good place to start before creating a website

Cost Breakdown to update and maintain an existing website:

  • $300 retainer fee (non-refundable/upfront)
  • $30 per hour (2-hour minimum) for updates such as adding or updating:
    • content
    • photos
    • page redesign
    • adding a new page with layout design
    • updating the site to reflect a more modern platform style
    • moving your site to another platform or host
  • $30 fee per hour for further updates after initial contract terms or;
  • $25 per month if you need monthly maintenance of the site ($300 annually) annually or a payment plan
  • $75 fee for the transfer of your WordPress site to our hosting service
  • Plugins may incur additional costs


Recording & Commercial Marketing

Working together to create an audio package or ad funnel to help promote your business that can be used online, on the radio and television.

Why do video audio ads work?

All MM Website Design audio & image designs are copyright protected ©2020. Copyrights can be purchased or held by MM Website Design with permission to use under the contract terms discussed before the project begins.

Monthly Payment Options Available on All Packages

  • Package One includes the creation of music, commercial narration, and a business jingle for a 60-second spot for radio, tv, or online marketing – $400 per project start to finish OR $50 per hour 4-hour minimum – slight edits (no charge).
  • Package Two includes voice-over work only. You would provide narration content and music. Cost includes recording and production. $75
  • Package Three includes creating a business jingle, production, and music track for a 30-second spot for radio, tv, or online marketing. $300 start to finish or if going hourly $40 an hour with a 4-hour minimum.
  • Package Four includes commercial narration, music, and production for a 30-second spot for tv, radio or online marketing. $200 per project or $25 an hour with a 4-hour minimum
  • Package Five offers small-medium video production that includes production, editing, music tracks & narration. Video productions can be used on YouTube, your website, as a promotional campaign, Facebook, and more. Depending on the project specs, you may be asked to provide high-resolution photos, videos you may have that can be incorporated into the production, and content.  $350 or $50 an hour with a 4-hour minimum. Video Production with a videographer is available for RI, CT, MA, NH clients. Price TBD depending on your needs.
  • Package Six includes the production of music tracks. Tracks can be used in many ways. Ad campaigns, ad campaigns you may already have in place, on your website, or get an entire music track you can play in your office or in your store. There are many options. Some tracking projects may not take as long as others so there is fluctuation in the pricing that would be discussed during a free consultation. $400 per project start to finish OR $50 per hour 4-hour minimum.
  • Package Seven includes three funnel ad creations for the promotion of sales, services, and more. $75 or $25 per hour with a 5 ad creation minimum.


In some cases, going hourly is definitely cheaper, however, if we are unable to fully create an agreed-upon package to your full liking due to editing, it could cost you more. Paying for a project start to finish, it’s a bigger bang for your buck. You can lump several packages together.

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